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Change the system,
Be an advisor

Trying to get a job sucks.

We don't need more job sites, 

We need more direct help to get jobs.

There's nothing worse than well-intended but vague job-hunting advice:

 - "don't worry, just be yourself"  
- "k
eep emailing until you hear back"

 - "create a video resume"

And college career services is the worst.

When you were job hunting, what did you want? For people to be real with you - direct, honest advice, even if it stung a little. You wanted a friend on the inside to give you the playbook.

Help us revolutionize how career guidance should be done. 

Pennant collects real advice from professionals like you who have unlocked the hiring process. Our mission is to democratize critical job insights for everyone, regardless of where you went to school or who you know.


This starts with you taking our survey which walks through how someone would get to where you are today. What skills do you need? What do you need to study? How do you interview? No fluff. Just essential guidance a job seeker can start acting on today.

Your advice will be appreciated, anonymized if you prefer, and immediately impactful for people looking for work in these difficult times. Together, we can develop an incredible database of role-specific advice to aid any job seeker from any background.

Got 30 mins,
Take a survey

Choose the industry most applicable to you.

Your results are anonymous.

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1.0 General.

Take this survey if your industry is not listed below.

2.0 Blockchain.

Includes crypto, web3, metaverse, NFTs, defi, etc.

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