The inside track to get hired, democratized for everyone.

Tactical role-by-role playbooks and resources. 

Access to the stuff no one tells you before you apply. For everyone who needs it -- not just Ivy League grads.

Real advice from real people at top companies.
No fluff. No bullshit.

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Immediate advice to act on today

Reduce the Privilege Inherent in Career Guidance

Hiring shouldn't be rigged. The role shouldn't always go to a co-workers golf buddy who's been given the cheat codes

Everyone should have access regardless of background or geography

Role-Specific Playbooks, Not Best Practices

Critical, must-read guides specific to each company and role. How to get hired and thrive

Honest, no-bullshit advice - even if it stings a little

Real Advice from Real People

Advice provided by professionals currently working in the roles - not overpaid "career coaches"

Access to this info shouldn't cost more than the cup of coffee you'd buy for a mentor during a friendly chat

Help Us Disrupt Job Advice

Many professionals believe in leveling the playing field. If you are one of them, help us fight unemployment and help everyone who needs it

What are tactical ways to prepare for the interview?

“Try our glasses. Write down 5 things you like and 5 things that can be improved. We want to know you deeply understand our products and can articulate a well-thought opinion.”


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